Component Commander

Componment Commander Tool


This tool is designed to allow you to search through the loaded model and detail components in an open project.

The right hand side shows all the loaded components first organizing each discipline (Architectural, Structural, MEP) into a separate tab. Each tab view then displays the components specific to that discipline in an expandable tree view sorted by family categories. The Generic Models category is available for each discipline. A fourth tab displays all loaded detail components.

The last tab is a favorites tab. When a component from any of the other four tabs is selected the add to favorites button can be pressed and the component will be added to you favorites tab. Favorites are stored in the users directory, not in the Revit project so they will be there for each project. The favorite tab stores where the favorite file is located on the hard drive so it can be reloaded into any project. Components on the favorites tab are group by category and can be removed by right clicking on the component.

When a family type is selected the top left side will show a preview image (if one is available) and all the type parameters values (not instance) stored in the family type and their values. Also in the section are a couple buttons to reload the currently selected family from the hard drive or to edit the family in Revit's family editor. Note: currently detail components do not support preview images.

The bottom left side contains search options for finding components using text you know is in the family or family type name. Only the active tab on the right side is searched. Switch tabs to search the other disciplines.

When you have found the family you need to use, select the type to use and then click the 'Select' button at the bottom left corner to insert it into the drawing as you normally would. Also you can double click the family type in the tree view to do this.