Merge Text

Merge Text


The icon will allow you to merge multiple text notes into a single note and apply various formatting all with a few mouse clicks.

The top field shows a stacked list of the notes that were selected to be merged. In this field you can use the arrows on the left to place the notes in the order you want or use the red 'X' to remove notes you don't want to merge.

The bottom field shows the text that replace the notes you selected at the start.

Above the bottom field are 4 powerful tools:

  1. A drop box allows you to format the case of the text same as the Change Text Case icon.
  2. Preserve returns allows you to retain any line breaks that exist in the original notes. line breaks are stripped out by default.
  3. Add item returns will add a line break at the end of each text note being merged.
  4. Add periods will add a period to the end of each text note being merged.