Other Tools

Options Dialog

Buttons Section
A way to make the ReVVed ribbon menu smaller and to save screen space, deselect the tools you don't want to use and the corresponding icon will be removed from the ribbon.

Log File Section
Activates logging of Revit commands. The log level determines how detailed the information being logged is. More detail means larger log files. Click on the Log File Path to change where the log file is saved on your hard drive. The "Log Entry Duration" control how many days of past history will be stored. Anything older than this setting is deleted. Entering 0 days will disable deleting entries.

Project Commander Section
The User Fields can be renamed to whatever you like use these 2 fields to track change notices, site instructions or whatever information you like. The "Run at start" checkbox controls whether this tools starts when a project is loaded into Revit. Project Commander will only appear if the project is already stored in its database. The "Use new interface" checkbox allows you to choose between the new green interface or the old interface.

Mini-browser Checkbox
A checkbox has been provided that will control which web browser the Web Link Tool opens to view the web page. The ReVVed mini-browser or the system default browser (Firefox, Chrome,  Explorer or whichever browser is installed on the computer).


ReVVed automatically checks online for updates every 7 days when Revit starts up. A notice will appear only if an update is available. The "About" command also checks for updates everytime it is run. This function may not work if your computer is protected from the internet by a firewall.