Project Commander

Project Commander Tool


The Project Commander is meant to store information, milestones and comments about the currently open project so the drafter has a handy place to store critical information. This information is NOT stored in the Revit project file.

Information Section
The "Project ID, Issue Date and Status are not editable. This information is extracted from the active Revit project file. It is edited from within Revit itself. (See Manage->Project Information inside Revit) The User Field (1&2) can be edited however and also renamed to whatever you like (see Other->Options section).

Milestone Section
This is for tracking upcoming deadlines and issues. You can add or delete entries but not edit them.

Comments Section
This is for storing whatever information you like. The date column stores the day the comment was initially created. The lower window is a rich text editor for modifying and viewing the comments.

You have the choice of 2 different user interfaces. The one shown above is the original interface and the one below is the new interface available to version 2013 and later. The interface below has a few more formatting options for comments which are available in the pop up formatting menu which appears when you select text. Which interface you use can be selected in the options dialog (see Other->Options section).

Project Commander uses the project name and number from the Revit project file to determine which comments in the database go with which project. If the project name or number is modified within Revit the tool will think it is a different project. You will be given the option to create a new project or select a project already in the database which will then be updated to the new project name and number.

This tool also has the ability to start up whenever a project document is loaded into Revit. If the project name and number already exist in the database the tool interface will be displayed otherwise nothing will happen until you manually start the tool and create the new project.

Project Manager

The Project Manager tool is used to delete old projects from the database. It's icon is found in the ReVVed slide out menu.